MARC-WSU scholars will enroll for one WSU MARC Scholar Course each semester. Each two-credit course meets twice per week. You must reserve this time in your course schedule. Juniors will enroll in UNIV 394 (Research Skills) each semester and seniors will enroll in UNIV 494 (Advanced Research Skills) each semester.

Research Skills 1 (UNIV 394): Trainees will develop their interpersonal communication skills, report on their research rotations, grow comfortable with their research mentor, develop skills to complete their summer research applications and improve their knowledge of responsible conduct of research.

  • Responsible conduct of research, career options, individual development plans (IDPs), abstract development, and summer research applications.
  • In-depth analysis of research projects including hypothesis formation, experimental design, controls, data analysis, and conclusions.

Research Skills 2 (UNIV 394):  Trainees will develop their writing skills through submission of summer research program and fellowship applications. They will develop their professional skills (e.g. interview skills), improve scientific communications (e.g. writing abstracts, presenting posters), develop their understanding of research careers, and continue responsible conduct of research training.

  • Reading the primary literature, responsible conduct of research, the graduate school application process.
  • Engaging in a journal club.

Advanced Research 3 (UNIV 494):  Trainees will be supported in their submission of graduate school applications with help developing their personal statements and CVs, as well as continuing to increase their understanding of the graduate school environment. The trainees will prepare for a presentation at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS), including honing their networking skills, creating their own brand, and practicing presentations. They will develop their leadership styles and understanding of their own research as course peer leaders.

  • Presenting at ABRCMS, working with mentors, research design, leadership.

Advanced Research 4 (UNIV 494): Trainees will prepare for graduate school interviews and increase their understanding of graduate school culture. This semester will also bring an increased emphasis on issues related to equity and inclusion and navigating diverse lab environments. While these have been topics in prior semesters, this semester is emphasizing the many faces of their future. Career plans and IDPs take on a new importance as does navigating difficult situations.

  • Careers, graduate school prep, dealing with challenges, diversity and equity issues that impact careers, journal club, leadership.